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IPU MS. Code Red 249A.JPG


We couldn’t have made a better choice when we purchased IPU Code Red 249A from Labatte Simmentals. She has been one of our most fertile and prolific producing females producing 20 plus quality embryos with every flush. Her five sons that sold in our 2018 Bull sale averaged $18,900 and we also have several full sisters to these bulls working in the herd. Her influence will be one of the foundations of our genetics for years to come.  Daughters born in 2018 are sired by Sibelle Spartacus, WS Stepping Stone and her natural heifer calf was sired by MRC Supremacy. Two Code Red x Stepping Stone sons that were featured in the 2019 bull sale averaged $24,250 they were also full sibs to Crossroad Red Stone 10E that was purchased by Meadow Acres for $26,000 at our 2018 bull sale. The 2020 bull sale featured an exciting Code Red son sired by our new walking herd sire LCDR American Red; he was purchased by Circle M for $20,000. A Code Red son featured in the 2021 bull sale sold to Strate Lake Side Farm for $19,500.  As you read through the 2022 catalogue you will see that several of our Code Red daughters are raising some of our best bulls. Code Red continues to flush well and will be a member of our 2021/22 donor group, watch for some real interesting genetics from her down the road.

Crossroad Ursula 791U.jpg


Pictured here at 10 years old is Crossroad Ursula 791U.  Her consistent production has earned her a place in our donor program, her sons have been high sellers at our past bull sales. In our 2019 bull sale her five sons averaged $13,400. She has ET daughters working in the herd sired by Wheatland Kill Switch, LFE Vegas, WFL Westcott, MRC Supremacy, LFE  Riddler and Crossroad Red Stone. On bull sale day 2021 Ursula genetics were on display with seven sons sired by Westcott, Kill Switch and Riddler that averaged $11,430.  At age 13 she raised her last calf, selling as lot 5 in our 2022 bull sale. As you read through the catalogue you will see Ursula daughters and granddaughters pedigrees keep showing up in our top end progeny. You can’t go wrong injecting some Ursula genetics into your herd.

Pixie SBV 793A  2017.jpg


We would like to introduce you to our full fleck SBV Pixie 793A. We purchased her together with our friends at Groupe BBBG in Quebec at the 2015 Friday Night Lights sale from Mark Land and Cattle. She has two stunning, transplant daughters sired by Crossroad Subaru in production and their udders are of the highest quality.  Her Spartacus sired son brought $9,000 in our 2019 February bull sale and a fancy Outlook heifer calf was born in 2020. Pixie sons sired by SBV Reputation will be featured in our 2022 sale as lots 60 & 63 and a super thick flush mate is tucked away in the replacement heifer pen that will no doubt go on to be a strong foundation female for us.

Crossroad Anna Rae 427A.jpg


Not a fancy picture of our Crossroad Anna-Rae 427A, taken with my old phone shortly after calving in 2019. We knew from a young age that she would be a donor prospect and she has matured into a tank with an excellent udder.  We have two super stylish daughters that had their first calves in 2021 and a fancy black American Red heifer calf in the replacement pen to add to her group of daughters as we move forward with this bloodline.  Exceptional udder quality in this tremendous cow family, Anna-Rae is a member of our donor group for 2020. We flushed her to Crossroad Connected that sold in our 2020 bull sale for $100,000. We have eight bulls and a daughter from this flush featured in the 2022 Crossroad Bull and Female sale, be sure to check them out!   Watch for strong progeny out of this exceptional cow family in future years.

Erixon Lady 16B.jpg


This cow has certainly proven herself here at Crossroads and deserves the right to be in the donor program. She has Madoc and Capacity sons featured in the 2022 bull sale. We have seven of her daughters retained in the herd. One of them is our grandaughter Olivia’s Grand Fortune sired “Diva 425D” cow that has been many times champion in the show ring and has been raising some outstanding progeny. Another was chosen as pick of the herd by Bohrson Marketing and Green Valley Ranch where she is also in their donor program. Outstanding udders in this bloodline, we are excited for the future as we continue to build from this extremely strong  Erixon Lady cow family.

Fairview Zoey 6F.jpg


Great colour on this I00% Fleckvieh, Homo polled, non-diluter purchased from Forden Fairview Farm at the 2019 Simmsational. She is sired by BEE Phantom and a good uddered Virginia Ranch dam. We flushed her to the polled SBV Reputation for eleven embryos and nine calves were born. All six sons from this flush are in the 2022 Crossroad Bull Sale and three sweet daughters in the replacement heifer pen. Her natural son sired by Outlook is also in our 2022 sale. Some real quality for you to assess on sale day!

TSZ Keepsake 703A.jpeg


Keepsake is our newly acquired ¾ blood donor cow purchased from Herter Simmentals.  She will be taking the lead in our black division for 2022 embryo collection. Jody said she was the best cow he had ever seen with the most perfect udder and immediately purchased her son TSZ Madoc 305F. She has been on our radar ever since and we are very excited to finally own such an outstanding female knowing that her future progeny will be excellent. We have five Madoc sons in the sale this year, six impressive daughters in the replacement heifer pen and seven that have just had their first calves, and WOW! You want to see some fancy little mama’s with beautiful udders!  Watch for further progeny from this incredibly good cow family.

Silver Lake Havanna 33H.jpg


We purchased Havanna at the fall 2021 Pembina Triangle sale from Clint and Andrea at Silver Lake Farms for $24,000 knowing that she would make a perfect donor for our full fleck program. We were looking for a very complete easy doing female that offered us unlimited options and are very pleased with our purchase. Her dam also carries this same natural fleshing ability and is very accomplished raising very high quality progeny. Havanna is busy mothering her first born and will be going into the donor program in March of 2022. We are excited about her future as we move forward with this outcross blood line. Be sure to watch for her Crossroad progeny in the coming years.

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