Crossroad Farms 15th Annual Bull Sale - FEB.24.2021 at Shell Lake, Saskatchewan

Give us a call, you are welcome to view the bulls at the farm anytime prior to the sale.  


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Crossroad Achiever 52H  CRF 52H
Crossroad Action 133H  CRF 133H
Crossroad Agent 218H  CRF 218H
Crossroad Alaska 110H  CRF 110H
Crossroad Ambush 159H  CRF 159H
Crossroad Apollo 123H CRF 123H
Crossroad Approved 73H  CRF 73H
Crossroad Aristocrat 172H  CRF 172H
Crossroad Armstrong 71H  CRF 71H
Crossroad Astro 112H  CRf 112H
Crossroad Atomic 2H  CRF 2H
Crossroad Avalanche 143H  CRF 143H
Crossroad Black Accolade 145H  CRF 145H
Crossroad Black Ammo 62H  CRF 62H
Crossroad Black Buzz 50H  CRF 50H
Crossroad Black Capacity 151H  CRF 151H
Crossroad Black Factor 86H  CRF 86H
Crossroad Black Impact 88H  CRF 88H
Crossroad Black Magic 91H  CRF 91H
Crossroad Black Marquis 53H  CRf 53H
Crossroad Black Missile 127H  CRF 127H
Crossroad Black Phantom 26H  CRF 26H
Crossroad Black Salton 220H  CRF 220H  .
Crossroad Black Stud 216H  CRF 216H
Crossroad Black Tux 7H  CRF 7H
Crossroad Black Zest 187H  CRF 187H
Crossroad Dinero 129H  CRF 129H
Crossroad Dollarz 67H  CRF 67H
Crossroad Enforcer 117H  CRF 117H
Crossroad Export 33H  CRF 33H
Crossroad Flash Fire 146H  CRF 146H
Crossroad Flash Frost 181H  CRF 181H
Crossroad Flashback 128H  CRF 128H
Crossroad Hammie 204H  CRF 204H
Crossroad Innovation 98H  CRf 98H
Crossroad Keystone 158H  CRF 158H
Crossroad Klondike 109H  CRF 109H
Crossroad Knockout 113H  CRF 113H
Crossroad Landslide 168H  CRF 168H
Crossroad Launch 60H  CRF 60H
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Crossroad Hot Mama 201H  CRF 201H
Crossroad Hot Sauce 193H  CRF 193H
Crossroad Honeysuckle 212H  CRF 212H
Crossroad Hot Chocolate 85H  CRF 85H
Crossroad Hollyhock 102H  CRF 102H
Crossroad Hershey 182H  CRF 182H
Crossroad Heroine 209H  CRF 209H
Crossroad Heritage 232H  CRF 232H
Crossroad Hemi 230H  CRF 230H
Crossroad Heatwave 155H  CRF 155H
Crossroad Heirloom 34H  CRF 34H
Crossroad Harriet 40H  CRF 40H
Crossroad Hazanna 226H  CRF 226H
Crossroad Halle 58H  CRF 58H
Crossroad Harlette 200H  CRF 200H
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